Aurelia Vesirova

Out of the Snow, into the Rain


It is not only that she is a woman who commands hundreds of soldiers that marks Warlady Vesirova out as an exotic creature. Centuries ago, what could be defined as a Roman vessel escaped the crumbling empire in the East and invested its future in the guesswork of a merchant captain, a man known as Rigo. His vessel contained scores of families of the men he had once fought beside as a soldier. The time of year was right and the tales were that the frozen waters far to the North were milder than any sailor was accustomed to. Captain Rigo knew that the only way to escape the wolves circling the Empire was to get away to a land where no road led.

Through a combination of luck and skill, with many land-stops on the way, Rigo and the families travelled to a land of a remoteness and severity where no-one who knew the word Ceasar would find them. They found a village and settled nearby, retaining their community and culture as best they could.

Generations later, Aurelia Vesirova and the men under her command returned to the old lands of the empire, albeit not the land their ancestors once left, to find yet another Kingdom battling the wolves once again. This time, they would not turn their back. She pledged her allegiance to King Uther and has proven her, and her Exemplaries, worth to the Pendragon banner many times.

Warlady Vesirova is a focussed yet pleasant woman, generally respected as an equal amongst the men. She is a keen adventurer but when she needs to slow the tempo down she seems interested in astronomy and other scholarly pursuits.

Aurelia is currently the Royal Court’s most eligible maiden but no suitor yet has fulfilled any of the increasingly absurd challenges she sets them to win her as a wife.


Aurelia Vesirova

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