Baron Silberzirik

He was born into nobility, but earned everything anyway.


Baron Silberzirik is a man of great honour and glory. Born into a noble family with a long history of Knighthood and generally modest holdings, young Guillam Silberzirik followed his father and younger brother Gerard in the wars against all comers to Uther’s crown. His father died from sickness as did his brother in the siege of Vale Fort, but Guillam survived the Wasting and his new resolve was undoubtable. He became respected for his valour and courage, always the first to volunteer for the relentless assaults on the Fort long after orders could carry men to bear the siege weapons upon their shoulders.

Young Silberzirik rose with great promise and was soon drawing up strategies as much as carrying them out. It was his cunning and resolve that won the day at Vale Fort and after years of more wars, battles and successes he was granted his own Barony under his own name.

King Uther counts Baron Silberzirik as one of his most trusted and dependable generals and many who serve the Baron see him as a hero for he has passionately, and with surprising success, defended many from the brutality of foreign aggressors.


Baron Silberzirik

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