Marquis Hubert Montsellier

Emissary of the the French Crown


Word of Marquis Montsellier’s arrival at Uther’s court was not well received by most. The French Crown has been generous in its support of King Uther so it was with some surprise, and whispered suspicions, that King Uther’s most vocal opponent in the Francish nobility should be serve the mandate of Emissarial duty between the French-Cymric kings.

Hubert makes little attempt to conceal his disdain of the position delegated to him and even less attempts at courtesy. He is untouchable to all but the King himself, and even Uther would think twice before acting against Hubert, and this sits rather well with the Marquis.

Sneering and quipping his way through most business of the royal court, Hubert is not popular except amongst those who perform their own power plays or those who believe they would benefit should Uther fail or, even better, be replaced.

Uther and Hubert have known one another since they were young men, from a time when Uther resided in France, but the actual cause of their mutual disfavour remains a puzzle.


Marquis Hubert Montsellier

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