A Messenger?


Unannounced, Signet appeared at the Kings’ Court with a message that was never read. Merlin, trusted Wizard to the King, rose to meet Signet as she approached the throne and pulled back her hood. His voice thundering throughout the keep, Merlin commanded she begone from keep and kingdom. Uther watched with great interest, but did not bid her stay, nor request she deliver the message.

Without protest or, according to Gregor the Steward, a hint of worry at the wrath directed at her, she turned and left the hall, the rolled and sealed parchment pushed back into the hollowed horn that bore it. Rumours abound that Merlin stood, breathing deeply, watching, for many moments after she was gone. What caused the wizard to act out of turn is unknown, for none heard what he whispered to the kings ear afterwards. The content of the message has been the subject of lengthy debate since.

Signet was seen leaving the Keep and setting out from the stables upon an grey. Despite this happening weeks ago, and the event falling from conversation, Merlin has stood by the King’s side on every audience since Signet’s visit, something that he very rarely did before.



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