Sir James of Lasseter

An Emerging Champion


Recently this Knight has achieved much within Logres. Earning a reputation in farther flung regions of the country as a cunning tourney winner, Sir James of Lasseter has travelled to the heart of Logres to seal his place in society. He seems positively enthusiastic about the news of increased raiding on the fringes of the Kingdom and tales of aggressive war chiefs and treacherous vassals are like music to his ear. Sir James really does not conceal his appetite for conquest, victory and fame – he may not be a knight of romantic virtue but his energy could certainly be put to good use.

Some believe this makes him quite dangerous, but he is attracting and encouraging (by intent or not) many others into his way of thinking, mostly amongst the young men and boys who have grown jealous on old soldiers tales of glory. He brings a flush of colour to everyone’s cheek; the fiery spirit of ambition in the young, the stirring in the blood of maidens who recognise the promise in his casual flirting, and the temper of those who have earned that which he seeks a piece of for himself.

Sir James has boasted on several occasions that he will be the one to win Aurelia’s hand in marriage although he has yet to complete the quest she has set him: to win the affection of her dog, Akpan, by bringing him his favourite thing. Despite weeks of studying the white dog from afar, Sir James has yet to find its favourite “thing”, although he currently has a theory that it’s a type of bone, but so far every offering he has made has gone unchewed by the discerning hound.


Sir James of Lasseter

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