The Lord of the Singing Sword

More than a tall tale, less than believable


Six nights of crows caw,
Five nights of ices thaw,
Four nights of wolves howl,
Three nights of murder foul,
Two knights come alone,
One knight upon the throne
“Your life the price you must afford!”
Called forth the Lord of the Singing Sword

The tales of the Lord of the Singing Sword travel far across the kingdom, warning many a restless child to quieter moods. It is only in the lands in and around Kent that such heedless mention of the wretched creature are not so casually thrown about. Perhaps so as not to invite the demon to action.

The Lord of the Singing Sword is often depicted as an angry, yet sad man who can only find peace in violence. His fearsome Singing Sword is so named because of the enchanting and beguiling lilting notes it sings as it cuts through the air, uninterrupted by skin and bone.

The old Keep of what was once Vortigern’s Castle is where the creature is generally believed to dwell. All that being what it is, the tale is centuries old.


The Lord of the Singing Sword

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