Advanced Combat

Pendragon has limited scope for actions in combat. Not anymore! House rules and new mechanics follow.


  • Defensive fighting: 2 characters fighting one another defensively roll normally without any adjustments to skill or damage.
  • 2-Handed weapons: Now do +2d6 plus any other bonus. Holding a 1-handed weapon in both hands grants +1d6 damage and may be used instead of wielding the 1-handed weapon and shield.


  • Press: You step into each attack while readying the next, relying on an assertive offence. Gain +5 to weapon skill, -6 armour. Can only be used on foot.
  • Battle Dismount: You may leap off your horse at an opponent and make an attack in a single action. Success: +1d6 damage. Fail: Miss and fall prone Fumble: Miss and fall prone, and take 1d6 damage
  • Imbalance: (2-handed weapons only) -5 to weapon skill. When checking for Knockdown, threshold is 10 HP higher than normal.

More to be added later.

Advanced Combat

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